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Multiple Sclerosis, Gardening Blues, and Overwhelming Fatigue

Posted Apr 21 2009 8:45pm
Today was a tough one. I'd like to say I didn't feel like myself, but that would be a lie. Sadly I felt just like myself, no breaks from that. I was going to go out in the yard and finish planting the idiot garden, it was a beautiful day and I wanted to take advantage of it, no go. I am so totally out of gas that that I'm useless, I mean even more then normal.

I dragged the leg today even with the brace on. I have been wearing the brace to work outside because the leg is too weak to work with the stimulator yet. I need to start getting help with the early stages of things like the garden, weeding, moving, and building. To top things off, my back is acting up, feels like a hot poker is...well it's someplace it doesn't belong.

My hands are really bothering me, yes, my hands, plural. Everything is acting up, either rebelling against me wanting a life, or the normal progression of things. My eyes are giving me a fit, not wanting to focus in, and that annoying little thing they do, that flash to black when I stand up. Cranky said it best, I'm taking my ball and my bat and I'm going home. Thanks Cartman, I should have listened earlier. The next few days will be supervisory at best, maybe from my bed, barking orders with my cell phone, the world will appreciate that.
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