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Multiple Sclerosis, Exercising With Wii, and Teaching People to Garden

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
I love the idea of people helping each other, I suppose I'm just a big softy. There are some pretty cool ideas people have for spreading their good ideas, and their good know how. There is a group based in DC called City Blossoms, they educate area children the benefits, and techniques of gardening. They teach preschool age through teens how to plan and nurture a garden, from plant choices to composting. I think the closet I came to anything like that was when we put a marigold in a styrofoam cup when I was in preschool? (OK, I didn't go to preschool, and I'm pretty sure I never grew anything in a styrofoam cup, but I know some people did!) I am going to figure out a way of showing people how to sustain themselves, and eat healthy too, way to go City Blossoms!

We got a Wii entertainment system this weekend, it's pretty cool the way it works. I set up my character, a dashing grey haired dude with glasses. I am hoping it gives me an opportunity to exercise and not get bored. I was bowling today, played tennis, and a round of golf. My balance is so bad, I think I may need to wear a helmet in the basement! I was soaking wet when I finished 10 rounds of boxing, a real aerobic work out! I'm trying to figure out if I'm better with the stimulator on, or with it off? I am researching what is the best game, possibly the Wii Yoga, or Wii fitness for my comeback tour? Playing a video game sure beats riding an exercise bike!
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