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Multiple Sclerosis, Economic Insanity, and Zoned Weakness

Posted May 27 2009 11:43pm
I was watching a thing with Tom Brokaw, he's traveling across the country on RT. 50 from Ocean City, MD, all the way to California. It's the first installment, and I'm already mad! He started in Cambridge, MD, at a crab picking company. The owner of the company is worried he is going to go out of business, not because there isn't enough work, but because there are not enough workers. The county has an unemployment rate of 11%, I sure hope they have suspended all public programs and support until there isn't a job opening anywhere. Can't find workers, who'd of thunk it?

That's like GM, they are going to go the way of Chrysler by the sound of it. The UAW said they would consider a cut in benefits, that's real grown up of them! Now I'm not an economist, I'm not even college educated, but it seems to me that if you have something that is dead, and GM is dead, shouldn't we pull the plug, and look for a new date to the prom? We have GM stock, so I suppose we should be appreciative of the extra help the "experts" are giving our portfolio, but I have got to say, maybe it's time to cut our losses, and let survival of the fittest take over.

Why is it that there are days that part of my legs feel weak, but not the whole leg? My thighs are actually painful they are so weak today, and I don't understand it. They may stay this way for a few days, they may not change for a few weeks, I never know. My eyes are the same way, I never know when or why they are going to act up. It makes it hard to plan, never knowing when, or why I don't feel good. I guess I should stop whining and just be happy that I have days that aren't so bad? That's a hell of thing to be thankful for, things aren't always so bad!
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