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Multiple Sclerosis, Bioness Stim Working Great, and Yard Sale Day Is Here

Posted May 08 2009 11:32pm
It was actually a pretty day today, I was starting to forget what that was like. It was so pretty, I lost my mind and decided to cut the grass! That's right, I cut the grass. OK, I cut most of the grass, the front yard, or almost all of the front yard. I did it with only about 5 breaks, and about an hour and a half. The boy can cut it, the entire thing, in about 25 or 30 minutes, depending if he has somewhere to go. It was supposed to rain in the afternoon, and all night, the grass would have needed to be logged! It was a lot, probably too much, but it was fun, in an offhand sort of way.

The Bioness l300 foot drop system is working really well, I think I'm getting the hang of it? In addition to doing things like cutting the grass, I am walking all over the place. I went up to a neighbors house tonight, I did that when I had the brace, it just wasn't the same though. I just walked up there, didn't need my cane, it's nice. I seem to do much better on even ground, even better on pavement. It's a small price to pay if I have to stay to the paths, I wasn't planning on going off road anyway.

Tomorrow is the yard sale of the century here in Perry Hall. I think there are yard sales and flea markets scheduled every 500 feet or so. The wife is the planner and coordinator for our community sale, she's good at that sort of thing, planning. She has been collecting for years leading up to this, it had better not rain! Her next big shindig is going to be a block party. She wants to close the street, put tables out, and have everyone attend. We are exactly alike, except I want to move into the mountains and not see anyone for months on end, but other than that, we are kinda sorta alike.
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