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Multiple Sclerosis and optic neuritis

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:46pm
I have mentioned in my previous blog posts that I have lost my eye sight, which is a sign of multiple sclerosis.
The proper term of what I experienced is optic neuritis. This is an inflamation of the optic nerve, which can cause pain and temporary vision loss.
When eye sight is loss, vision is usually recovered. Treatment with steroid medication can bring the sight back.
I had a total of three episodes of optic neuritis. I've been administered steroid medication for two of those episodes. My first episode happened soon after I was initially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I went to the Neurologist that diagnosed me with the disease and he gave me the steroid medication to bring my sight back. The 2nd out of the three episodes, I didn't associate the vision loss with multiple sclerosis because I forgot that I had the disease and did not seek doctor care. My sight eventually came back on it's own within a week or two weeks. My third episode caused optometrists, opthomologists and neurologists to investigate and rediagnose my multiple sclerosis. I was given steroids to bring my sight back again.
The neurologist I was seeing at that time did tell me that I had optic neuritis and with me not knowing what that was other than it had to do with my sight, I thought it was an ongoing condition. When I changed over to a new neurologist and mentioned to him that I had optic neuritis, he indicated that I don't have it and briefly explained what it was.
It wasn't until I did my own investigation about optic neuritis that I understood the full meaning as to what the condition actually is!
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