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Multiple Sclerosis and Muscle Spasms

Posted Jul 31 2009 8:05pm
If you have Multiple Sclerosis, then you know about Muscle Spasms.

I have severe muscle spasms and I take Baclofen for them. I am over the dosage for treating them. My Neuro last year said I should consider getting the Baclofen Pump. I told him I would not have anything permanently inserted into my body for MS until I absolutely had to.I know that some people find heat works for them and others cold works for them. I have found a few things that help with tolerating my muscle spasms.

Ice Packs - I bought something called TRIO Hot and Cold Wrap. I bought it at Walmart for I think 9 or 10 dollars and it has the pack you keep in the fridge or put in the microwave. But is comes with 3 different Wraps. Different lengths.

I also have my Ice/Water Machine that I use in my bed. - It is a motorized cooler that you put water and ice into it and plug it in and then there is a flat rectangle pad that continuously circulates the cold water and then it forms to the area you put the pad on.

I want to know what you use or have found that works for muscle spasms. Medications used and also other things you have found to treat them?
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