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Multiple Sclerosis And Breathing, The In Laws Into a Retirement Village

Posted Jun 25 2013 12:00am
This breathing thing is a real pain in the rear, not really sure how to explain it?  I'm going along doing the breathing thing and BAM, I gasp for air, usually making some pretty attractive and snorting sounds.  I've talked to the neuro, they don't seem very sure what it is, but said we should look into, ya think?  My concern with it is it's happening about 30 or more times a day, but all single episodes, meaning no back to back snorts.  I will add it to my list of things to ask when Medicare kicks in July 1st.

The issues with the in laws is pretty much decided, both moved into the local old folks home, he in an apartment, she in the nursing home part.  It cost a fortune, about $350 G's, plus $12,000 a month, but that's not the worst part, the toll it's taken on the father in law has been tough to watch.  Sure, she's the one with the medical issues, but she's not always aware of it, he is.  He's lost a ton of weight, cries all the time, and is second guessing everything he does.  Times like this I wish I had in laws I hated, would make this part much easier.
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