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MS Symptoms....Urg

Posted Dec 12 2009 10:55pm
It was bound to happen....some of my MS symptoms have returned. They are not as bad as before but still they are here. Basically tonight I have had some numbness in my lower legs and feet. Of course I was hoping this would not happen but the reality and from what we know about the transplant is that it is not a cure (even though it is probably the closest thing we have right now to a cure) what it does is slow down the progression, hopefully putting us into remission. The damage that was done before the transplant is most likely permanent damage and likely to still be a part of us. For the most part I am okay with this though because I am practically 3 months post-transplant and really this is the first time I am really having any symptoms that I am pretty sure are MS related. There has been a major change in the weather lately and that has always been a trigger for me. Anyway, I'm off to bed for the night but wanted to do a quick update. I hope you are all well and staying warm! It's FREEZING here. Have a great night!
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