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MS is flaring again, Stress and Update.

Posted Jul 23 2009 8:21pm
Just an update on how the week is going! I feel like a tornado is in my head!!!

The MS has been flaring a bit. I am really struggling with the burning sensations,fatigue and the muscle spasms. The spasms have been more in my back then in my legs this time but spasms are spasms. I am wondering if it has been from the roller coaster ride of emotions this week or just because the MS wants to cause me troubles.

As for the stress this week...
I have tried not to think about the Doctors appointment too much. Every once in awhile it sneaks back into my head but I am denying what she had to say. That seems to be the only way I can cope with the news she dropped on me or the bomb... No Difference really!! I think everyone has to find ways to cope with MS. There are some parts you can accept or at least try to accept and then there are things you just can't do anything about. But in this case I find that news about what most likely will happen or could happen or even is happening...I tend to go into the denial phase. The denial phase is my coping mechanism to get me through that moment in time. I am not stupid. I know that what she said is probably true but I need to take it in slowly for me to accept it. Also by denying it gives me strength to fight it. I have said in the past and for those of you who might possibly follow this blog probably have gotten to know the fact that If you tell me something is going to happen and I don't want it to then I will do whatever it takes to prove you wrong. I guess it is the stubborn side of me.

As for the kids leaving a week from today...but who's counting??? I am trying very hard to act as if it is not happening. I can not think about it until that day. So next Wednesday will probably not be the greatest but so far I have managed to get through the week not thinking too much about it. Oddly...the kids aren't even talking about it too much. I think they probably have a sense of how I feel even though I try not to let it on.

I am just sending out a reminder to everyone to take part in the polls. Everyone that takes part helps out so many others. I am not even sure how many days are left for this weeks polls but I don't think there are many. Please take the time to help out others and also to help inform others that don't have MS. These Polls are helpful to all.
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