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MS is all about "BABY STEPS"

Posted Jul 23 2009 9:22pm
With MS it is all about "Baby Steps". The problem with MS is that our brains and thoughts are still YOUNG. Its like our brains don't know what our capabilities are. What I mean by this is that I have many days that it is beautiful outside and all I want to do is get out and work in the yard and do gardening or I want to clean out the house and prepare for a garage sale. So I get into my work clothes and am all excited only to find that after 15 minutes of work my body gives out and says "STOP"!!!
I then come back inside and crawl up the stairs to get back into my PJ's then get into bed and get so depressed that I can't do what I want to do. I will allow myself to be depressed for an hour or so and then I try to remember "BABY STEPS"!!!
Baby Steps means that you wake up in the morning and you get the dishes done and maybe a load of laundry and then you have to stop because your body can't do anymore. The next day you get dishes done and a load of laundry and maybe clean out your Tupperware cabinet and then you are done. The next day you skip the dishes and laundry or maybe you do those and then you go outside and pull weeds out of a small flower garden. You get the point.... Those are "Baby Steps". When you get in bed be proud of what you got done that day!!!!!
Maybe this is the hardest part of MS. It's called "ACCEPTANCE"
Yes, I said the word "Acceptance"... We all get to a point at some time or another that we think we have finally accepted that we have MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. But do we really??? Acceptance is a BIG word. Maybe we never truly accept the disease or maybe we do some days. But can we really accept something that takes our abilities away whenever it wants to??? I lay in bed and think wow I want to get outside with my son and play catch with him. Ya know I used to play softball for 8 years when I was younger. I also did track, volleyball, basketball, Oh and poms. I know how to do all these things and I love to do all of this. But why does my body not allow me to do these when I want to do it??? I don't want to offend anyone but I am 36 not 99. I know women that are 65 and are outside golfing, gardening, running and so on. But me..... On a good day I can walk all the way down my driveway (by the way my driveway is almost and acre long). Now how can anyone truly ACCEPT that?????
I know that I can say that I "ACCEPT" that I have a STUPID disease but I don't think I can truly accept what it does to my body.
So to me it is easier to "ACCEPT" my term of "BABY STEPS". Be proud of what you did accomplish each and every day. Even if on your worse days ever if all you accomplish is taking a shower. BE PROUD. That means that even though MS is trying to control your life and keeping you in bed. You are fighting it. Never ever give up or give in!!!!!
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