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MS and Vertigo

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:46pm 1 Comment
I was laying on my bed one evening (I wasn't asleep), I rolled over and noticed I felt dizzy. I closed my eyes for a little bit just to get rid of the dizziness. I recalled this happening a few other times before so I wondered if it could be associated with was a very weird feeling!
I found out the term that's used for this dizziness is called Vertigo and it appears that it's a very common cause in people with MS. It's not a permanent symptom and does not necessarily mean that a new lesion has formed. How many episodes one may have in a given time frame varies.
There's different types of Vertigo and the type that closely relates to what I've experienced is called benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo (BPPV). It feels like severe vertigo that occurs upon movement of the head, especially when rolling over in bed, getting out of bed or tipping the head back to look up. It feels like you (or your surroundings) are spinning or tilting when you are not. It usually lasts just a couple of minutes.
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This is exactly what happened to me 7 times the last 24 hours- Each Lasted 3-5 seconds.  Never happened before and I'm 48.

Wife is due to have a baby the next 72 hiours so I'm very concern.

Any idea why?




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