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MS and SSD

Posted by shelly789

Okay people ask all the time if I am on disability. I'm not, because I am not in a wheelchair or using a cane for everyday activities. They say I can collect disability because of my fatigue and cognitive issues, along with the pain in my hands which make it difficult to grasp things and write sometimes.. I don't know what exactly to do.. Any advice?
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If you're not able to work at the same capacity that you once did, you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.
SSD is different for each of us, and is not determined by if we are in a wheelchair or not.  It comes down to if you can or can't work.  I too suffer from fatigue, it's a hard one because you can't see it, and it's hard to explain to someone.  If you think it's time for it, it probably is.
Personally, I'd keep working as is until you really can't.  I've had MS since January and I've seen my work ability change but not to the point where I can't do it anymore.  I'm a firm believer in a full day's work and until I can't completely do that any longer, I'm not going to give into this disease.  That being said, everyone is different and if you feel you can't go on anymore, by all means take advantage of our government's help.

I have RRMS & sounds like your everyday symptoms are the same or close to mine.  I was let go after 10yrs bcz "I cld no longer perform my duties". But they refused to say it was due to my disablility. I even tried filing chrgs agnst them. After trying for 2yrs to find another job & getting the "thank you for your interest" response whn I told them of my condition, I finally gave in to everyones urging me to file for DSI. I've worked since I was 11yrs old & admitting that I cldnt do it anymore was about the hardest thing I ever had to do. One look at the initial application & I was confused. I actually called Binder & Binder (866 648 8036). After a few questions to get started, they took care of everything. Anything you have to sign, is all well marked & they make sure you understand everything -BEFORE YOU SIGN.  They call you so you dont have to remember and... the best part...  they work contingent.  After checking a cpl attys in the area, I found their percentage rate was actually the lowest.  It only took 2yrs (avg is 4yrs). I filed 3/2010 & rcvd my 1st ck 3/12. They really did make it easy to get the pay I needed after so many years of paying into the system.  I hope this helps...

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