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MS and sexuality

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:44pm 1 Comment
Men and women who have multiple sclerosis can have sexuality issues. For example, men can have a problem with impotence and women can have natural lubrication problems.
Men and women can have desire problems or they can have the desire, but are just too tired to pursue.
Because MS involves having lesions covering the central nervous system, its effect on one's sexual desires depends on the location of the lesions and the severity of the damage where the lesions are located.
Fortunately, there are medications and solutions to these problems. One can get them from their doctor or some are even available over the counter.
For example, there's viagra for men and personal lubricants for women.
I guess where there's a will, there's a way!
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I agree, MS is hard to deal with for both partners. My wife has MS and it seems like she never want's to be intimate. When will they come out with a Viagra for women? That would be great and it would help me and my wife greatly. We have been using some sensual lubricant products called Stimula and it helps it last longer for me and she has said that she can feel more sensitivity. I like anything that helps me have more intimacy with my wife. :)


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