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MRS...No I'm Not Married...

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:50pm

I was wondering a few weeks ago about a mass spectrometer for brains. I even went so far as to contact a school mate of mine who is now the chair of the chemistry department of Saint Mary's University in Halifax, to ask if he knew anything about that sort of tool (I noes sum smart peeples). He didn't but in the meantime I found out about MR Spectroscopy. And some folks wondered about its application to managing, treating, and following MS. As I speculated, it will be a while before this tool is in as wide use as MRI is now, but I have good news. It has begun!! This report is only on a small study but it is encouraging. It's not a step closer to a cure. But the chemicals and the chemical changes it can measure may one day lead to a cause of MS and that is closer to a cure.



The picture is from the Pheonix5 Prostate Cancer Glossary.
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