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Most Sundays, I devote my blog t...

Posted Sep 29 2008 5:35pm

Most Sundays, I devote my blog to the stories of others who let their Moonlight times inspire them to let the positive blossom from the negative. Today’s story is about a story – the story of Richard Cohen, M.S. patient of 30 years.

How many of us – regardless of the health condition that visits our lives – have felt blindsided?   Illness came when Richard Cohen, author and the husband of Today Show host Meredith Vieira, was only 25 years old.   That is when Cohen was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.   Cohen has continued to battle M.S. for 30 years, along with two battles with colon cancer. The M.S. has left Cohen legally blind, and has attacked his vocal chords, arms, and legs.

Blindsided: Lifting a Life Above Illness: A Reluctant Memoiris a poignant tale that describes Cohen’s abilities to find the Sunshine through the clouds, rain, storms, and deep Moonlight times.   Ironically, the love story demonstrated by Vieira and Cohen remind me a lot of me and the hubby, perhaps with a little role reversal thrown in for good measure.   It’s truly a great read.

Interested in submitting a story for O Sole Mio Sundays? What are the rules? There really aren’t any. I don’t care if your story is long or short. It doesn’t matter what your Moonlight situation was — whether M.S.- related or something else. Submit your stories to me and I’ll post them here. A lot of folks read this blog, so please let me know if you’d like your email address included with your story. Send along a photo if you’d like and I’ll post it, too. The only request I have is that you make a connection for my readers, explaining how your Moonlight inspired you. Describe the opportunities and the gifts you received from your Moonlight times and find a positive side to your story. Not everyone likes to talk about themselves, so if you have story about a loved one, a friend, someone who inspired you, send me their stories, too. As you can tell, we also take recommendations of nationally-published news stories that follow the themes portrayed here on Sunshine and Moonlight. Please submit appropriate links and citations when necessary.Click here to send Kim YOUR story! And, then be sure to visit Sunshine and Moonlight each Sunday for Ole Sole Mio Sundays!

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