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More Snow in Baltimore, Sheriff's Office Softball, and MS Gets in the Way Of Memories

Posted Feb 09 2010 12:00am
Snow is falling, big time falling, if this keeps up, we will have 2 blizzards in one week. The boy went out to shovel already, he's trying to prevent another big dig out. The girl has a cold, isn't that convenient? The wife is having an optical migraine, she isn't having any fun, at all! I still want to get out there, but I moved the truck for the boy and my back hurts from that.

Was thinking today about the times I had playing softball, it was a hoot. Played when I was real young for some pretty competitive teams. Later on played with the gang from work, we weren't very competitive, but we had a blast! I was what you call an offensive specialist, mostly because I couldn't throw. I could hit pretty good, and was surprisingly fast, for my size. I remember like it was yesterday, running to first, almost falling when my right foot dragged. Seems MS won't even leave my memories alone.

I remember playing in the annual Sheriff's tournament, different county each time, it was great. We got the chance to fool around with guys from other jurisdictions, and drink way too much. Had an umpire throw our catcher out of the game because he was so drunk he couldn't catch the ball the ump was tired of getting hit. I rounded second on one play, catch the 3rd base coach and he was waiving me home. I kicked it into high gear, rounded third, on deck batter was putting me down, telling me to slide. What they didn't tell me was the catcher already had the ball! I slid, was out, left about 3 lbs of ass on home plate. The city sheriff told me I should shoot the guy that sent me. It's actually a good memory I was able to run fast enough to get a huge strawberry on my thigh, good times.
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