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Medicare Snafu, High School Get Together

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:00am
OK, so got a phone call in 1999, the guy told me I was eligible for medicare.  I told the dude no thanks, have insurance from my old job, he said thank you and have a nice day.  I got mailings from them, didn't really read them, yeah, good move, right?  Cigna has started denying claims, say I should be in medicare, and it should be my primary.  Did everyone but me know there is a $10 penalty for every year you didn't accept medicare?  For me that adds $140 to my monthly premium.  My buddy Mike called Congressman Ruppersberger for me and his aid told him nothing could be done about it, and we trust Dutch, he always did well by us.  Moral to the story, read everything!

Having a get together at a local watering hole, people I went to school with.  The wife is giving me a hard time, so far 25 or so people have signed on to go, 22 of them are women.  I told her, I swear I went to school with dudes too!  Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to, who went bald, just to have the chance to walk into the room and say hello girls, did you miss me?  It should be a hoot, and the wife should be talking to me again by Christmas!
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