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Meat, Sausage and other foods can heighten risks of Multiple Sclerosis

Posted Jun 28 2010 12:00am
June 27, 2010 - BY  Debbie Nicholson

Opinion from examination of information from seven EU countries introduced today by German epidemiologist Dr. Klaus Lauer, at the 20th Meeting of the  European Neurological Society  (ENS) in Berlin, Germany, stated that the facts presented as of currently are not affirmed informal link, but is an expressive implication that a link possibly does exist and needs to be completely researched.

Research data had implied that particular industrial manufacture foods such as chocolate, jam, margarine and sausage, corresponds statistics with heightened chances of multiple sclerosis. 

During the “ecological study”, the epidemiological examination of information gathered of major regions or population groups, information on industrial food manufacturing in seven countries were analyzed for likely MS relationships with reversed results.

A major heightened occurrence was found associated with  MS  and the dispersion of raw vegetable oils, fats, butter, cheese, condensed milk, canned vegetables and more. 

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