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Maryland Slots And Horse Racing

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:38am
Are the race tracks in Maryland in charge of what happens with the slot machines in Maryland? Every time I hear anything about slots, they always tie in what the race track owners would like to see. Who cares what they want to see, not me. Are we supposed to allow slots, but only if they go in the race tracks? If they go other places are the tracks still going to get a cut? Why are we even considering cutting the tracks in on the slots, if we get them?

Slot machines bring in lots of money evidently, the places that have them are always packed. I know my parents are comped meals, usually 4 a month, for all my inheritance they spend at Midway Slots in Delaware! I don't think that's a race track, it's a fair grounds maybe? What ever it is I can tell you this much, it aint Pimlico! It's clean, bright, and in a nice neighborhood, none of which is the case for Pimlico. Where are MD's other tracks? Are they the garden spot Pimlico is? I can't see people flocking there to play slots, or eat their comped meals at the seafood buffet.

Is the hold up with slots all over how to share the money with racing? Why racing, why not Burger Kings? I mean, you gamble when you go to either of them, why not give them both slots. Are the tracks privately owned? If they are I say earn your own money, slots are paying for things we all want, not your family business. Have you ever gone to a bar? I've been in a couple, I admit it, even if my mother may read this. Of course I think it's just her and Slammer that read it anyway! But my time hanging around bars I noticed people dumping tons of money into video slot and video poker machines. They were always being used, and they were entertainment purposes only! Just think if they paid off in cash!

Ever been to Vegas? Me and my family went for a funeral I think, they have slots everywhere, including the bathrooms at the airport! Stores that sell lotto tickets get a percentage the tickets they sell right? Why can't we do the same thing with slot machines? Put them in bars, like the ones they have now, and let them pay off, like they do now, but make it legal to do. Bar owner gets something, winner gets something, and we the people of Maryland get not only slots to play locally, but a nice revenue from other visitors. Anybody can get one, bars, grocery stores, churches, give em all slots. Let's not give the lobbyist free run with this. Make sure we put someone in charge the can tell the racing families no. I'm not working, I'd be will to tell them to go shit in their respective hats. Let's do this thing and make a fortune to be used on the people that really need a hand. Tell me where you think the money should go?
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