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Living with MS Means Living with Daily Symptoms and Pains

Posted Jan 21 2010 11:57am
Living with Multiple Sclerosis Means Living with Daily Symptoms and Pains. It is not something we like to know and it is hard to accept at times. I have been dealing with symptoms and pains for a few years now. Some come and go as they please and some are with me everyday. The past few months have been really rough with balance and dizziness symptoms, fatigue, and the pains in my legs have become worse. I find it interesting and frustrating at the same time to know that when I called the Doctor regarding the pains in my legs. I was told that I should go to see a psychologist to get help accepting my MS.

Now some of you have gotten to know me very well over the last few years and some of you are new to learning about me. It blows my mind that someone (my Doctor) of all people would think that I haven't accepted my disease. I consider myself very accepting of the disease and the daily pains and symptoms that go with it. However, sometimes the pains are very bad and continue to stay bad or get worse and I thought maybe, by calling the Doctor, they would have some ideas to help with the symptoms. My Doctor said " you have MS you will always have symptoms and pains and it will progressivly get worse, that is MS".

I get frustrated because I take a lot of pride in accepting this disease and try to help others accept it. This same Doctor (not my Neuro, it is my G.P.) knows me well enough to know that I don't call her nor do I go visit her unless she demands it (1 time a year). So if I am at my end and am asking for help, you would think she would keep that into consideration. I want to ignore her request to go see a psychologist because acceptance is not an issue I have.

For the last few weeks my legs have hurt so bad. I sent a message asking if there was anything I could be doing because, by the time I wrote her I was in so much pain. Oh yeah, I may have mentioned that I was ready to amputate both of them to help reduce the pain. Now I know that amputation is not the answer because I would not be able to wear the cute jeans I just bought at the store but I wanted her to know how bad it was getting.

Its crazy to me how many Doctors you end up having when you are diagnosed. Then they push you to Specialized Doctors when a part of the body is getting messed up. You go to see the different Doctors, have the test run and then none of them talk to each other. So I feel like I get pushed off on to different doctors but the results dont get relayed. So you are basically having to start from scratch and explain what each Doctor tested for and what they feel should be done. Only to have the initial Doctor disagree and say NO. Isn't that why they send you to Specialists???

So I am going to sum up really quick where I stand.. When I am forced to go see the Doctor and I finally come to see them. When they ask me, "How is everything going"? I am going to say "Fine". This way I dont get shoved off on to other Doctors and waste my time. I won't be told, "deal with have MS". I won't be put onto medications that may or may not be helping. If they are helping, are they only helping contradict the side effects from the other medications? I will start looking into natural products to help with the symptoms and just try to do the best I can each day.

Oh, and I have been asked by many of you how the MRI went. I only had the MRI of the brain done. There have been no changes so I am very happy with that. It does leave me questioning how it is possible to have no changes on the Brain MRI but my symptoms seem to be worsening??? HHhhmmm It is a mystery to me.
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