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Letter to my mother...Another reposting, in case she forgets how I love her

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Indeed, we are but the sum of our past, the sum of our beginnings ~ the factors that make up our being are, in part, traced to our roots.


The connectedness of this life is that in some small way each person can relate to the trials of another....This photograph is the only known picture of a day that forever changed the path of the blond in the middle. Left to right: Kenny, Aunt Robyn, Aunt Julie, Tamara (&me), Rick, Kay and Uncle Larry...This is the bare bones of my family tree. It is my parent's wedding day which occurred in the office of some unknown Justice of the Peace.

As an adult I can only begin to imagine the thoughts that must have been flowing threw my Grandma's mind and heart...Did you notice she appears to be holding the hand of her little girl? My mom was 14 in this picture and I can not ever express just how lucky I have been to be allowed to have her.

She is a magical soul.

She is a stubborn soul.

She is an Artist, with a capital "A".

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if she had had one of those back alley abortions. Would my soul have found another way to come to her? Were our destinies always planned as mother and daughter? Why so young? Why did my Dad have to be murdered in 1979?

These are, of course, all rhetorical questions for which there are a thousand possible answers. What is certain is that because of her, that little blond girl in the middle, I have had a most majestic journey in this life.

Because of her I know a thing or two about happiness, love and security.

Because of her, I am.

posted by ckays1967 at 7:07 PM on Aug 25 2004
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