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Last Days of August

Posted Aug 27 2012 7:16am

Our little Brooklyn family visited a few weeks ago. We had such a fabulous time! Albert is as tall as me now. He has lost weight, and is swimming and jogging. Alex has so much energy that he's unable to stay still unless he's asleep. He loves to learn new things. Lenny and Scott went to the movies, so we had the boys to ourselves for a few hours. We watched a movie and played a game, enjoying every minute.

Lenny and I sat at the pool and on our deck talking and laughing. Scott, Lenny and I drank wine and talked a lot. Arnie is teaching Albert world history, as he was in Africa for four years learning African history, and the elite private school he's going to now doesn't teach history exactly. The teacher writes a sentence on the board and asks for comments. How in the hell can kids comment on something they know nothing about? Skype is a lovely way to tutor your grandson, we've discovered!

Three weeks ago, Arnie had targeted radiation to the large tumor in his lung that's near his diaphragm. Five days in a row we drove to Charlottesville to the UVA Cancer Center (a 2-1/2 hour drive each way) where he had a 45-minute radiation treatment each day. He'll have another CT scan in October to see if the tumor has died. We all have our fingers crossed.

My short-term memory was so poor that I was afraid I was developing dementia, as my dad has Alzheimer's. Arnie suggested and I agreed to go off of the daily Baclofen and Klonopin that I was taking. I weaned myself off and my mind became clear once again. Phew!!!

I'm to see a new neurologist in October, hopefully he will agree to put me back on Tysabri. My tremors are bad. My arms and legs are weak. I lose my balance and I run into walls, door frames, etc. 

In January, I began writing a book. It's about a 14-year-old girl with MS who has a service dog named Monty. I've sent out six query letters to agents, and I've received three rejection letters. Even if this book never gets published, I'm thoroughly enjoying writing it. That's what really matters. I have ideas for my next one, also.

Until next time, be well and be swell.

Mair and Monty
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