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July Heat and MS

Posted Jul 28 2012 1:30pm
This month has been unusual. As for the weather, first we had a windstorm with 80 mph winds. There was lightning but you couldn't see it because it was behind the massive clouds. Suddenly the lights went out. Arnie felt his way through the house to the flashlight drawer. Luckily there was no thunder, so Monty didn't get frightened!

We looked out and sure enough, the whole neighborhood as far as we could see was pitch black. People began lighting candles and using flashlights.

I have a little black flashlight with an orange light that I used to read with. Worked great. Need to get me one of those little lights you can clamp on a book maybe.

At 5:00 am the next morning, all the lights came on. I got out of bed and Monty figured we were up for the day. Ha! We turned off all the lights and went back to sleep. The a/c finally cooled the house down. Not one drop of rain fell. I have friends who said that they didn't get power back on until the following Saturday. My BIL in Margate, NJ lost his power. The also lost everything in their fridge because their power didn't come back on until the following week.

We drove around to see the damage. We didn't have any trees knocked down, thank goodness. Our street wasn't too bad, just a few downed trees and branches. Next street over, the people had one of those really nice white fences. Three of their trees knocked down half of the fence. It was sad to see. One family had just moved into the house down from the white-fence house. They had just planted trees, which were now laying out in the street.

Three weeks later, the brush was finally cleared from our neighborhood. Salem is small, 24,000 people, but with so many trees and brush down, it took a long time to pick up the mess. We're going to Target and Petsmart today, and I'm interested in seeing how it's looking in Roanoke.

We've been trying to walk Monty in the evenings just before the sun goes down. I have a rule that he doesn't get walked unless the temperature is below 85 degrees. He mostly walks in the grass and not on the street, so that saves his feet.

I've been using my rollator on the walks. I still have to walk a little and sit a little to make it. The guys turn around to check on me, and I usually get caught up with them when Monty is busy sniffing something.

I haven't watered the plants in my little gardens because it's too hard with the hose and all. I have watered the ones on the deck in pots. the geraniums don't look too hot, but I've got some nice parsley and lemon basil growing. I put the parsley in the cookies I make for Monty. I like to make lemon basil tea for myself.

As far as cleaning the house goes, I can not only get one-half of one bathroom done before having to sit down and rest. Same with everything else. I split the job in two and am able to handle them that way.

This evening, if it's under 85, I'm going to mow the lawn. We sold our old riding lawn mower and bought a new John Deere one that is so damn easy to mow with. It's like driving a car with automatic steering. Our front and back yards take up about an acre. I mowed both, including inside the fence and outside, in half an hour. Using the old mower, it took me an hour to mow. 

This morning when Monty and I got up at 8, it was in the 70's and very nice. I sat out on the deck for awhile until the flies found me.

Scott and family are coming down from Brooklyn in less than two weeks. We can't wait to see them again. Scott said to plan lots of work for the boys to do, so we made a list. Lenny always wants to clean my entire house. This time I'm going to let her do it.

I hope this blog comes out better than the last one.
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