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is it possible for an infant to get Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by lorraine

I have a grandaughter who is 1 week old and she has hypotonia, is this related to MS and is it possible for an infant to get MS.
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I am so sorry to hear about your Grandaughter! I am curious how you came up with Multiple sclerosis? Does it run in the family? The reason I am asking is that, YES, they are diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis in young kids even though in the past it was believed to be an older age disease. (20's- mid 30's) I was reading as much info as I could regarding Infants and Hypotonia and it seems as though it is not usually the case. Infans with Hypotonia can be cased by many reasons Muscular Systrophy seems to be a common reason, along with quite a few other reasons. I did find that older people with Hypotonia could end up being diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. 

I think if you have Multiple Sclerosis that runs in the family, it is something that I would then push for them to really test for and watch for. However, it is probably more than likely to be from another reason. I am going to attach the links from Google that I was reading different information. I hope this helps and My thoughts and prayers are with your Grandaughter and Family. Please keep me posted on how your Sweet Precious Grandaughter is doing. 



 *hypotonia in infants and multiple Sclerosis

 *hypotonia in infants

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