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In Response to The Headache Posting, found just below

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:22pm
Guillermo, from the Dominican Republic has offered the following information with regards to headaches and MS:

Hi Stuart:
I've read on your blog that you want more investigations about headaches and MS.
I think this will help you.

I suffered from an everyday terrible migraine-like headache . Everyday I took 6 or 8 tylenols for about 6 months, with success only until the effects of the tylenols.
I didn't tolerate noise, odors or anything.

One day I was reading on the internet about calcium, and between one page and another I read that calcium orotate helps people with lupus and MS. And when I was reading the article, it said that people with MS should follow the same protocol of people with lupus, but those who suffer from a migraine like headache should take a higher dose.

I immediately order this calcium to see if it can help me, and with the 1st tablet, the headache disappeared.
That was 6 years ago, and that headache hasn't appeared again.
I take 1-745mg in the morning with an empty stomach, and 1-745mg with dinner.
I have made some tests to see if it's real, quitting the calcium for a couple of days, and the headache came back.

I recommended this calcium to 3 friendS with MS and the headache, and all of them are headache free.

Here's the part of the article where talks about it:

Around 1975 Dr. Nieper began treating lupus erythematosus patients with calcium orotate. 35 He found that a dose of 1 to 2.5 grams was surprisingly effective when administered over a period of at least one year, even in advanced cases with pulmonary constriction, pleural effusions, or cardiomyopathy. 35,50 Therapy also involved low-dose prednisone and a variety of nutrients to promote adrenal steroid synthesis, such as selenium and vitamins C and D2, as well as other calcium and magnesium salts. An account of one patient’s successful response to therapy with calcium orotate and other Nieper compounds can be found in an article available from the Brewer Science Library. 51 In addition Nieper found that multiple sclerosis sometimes accompanies lupus, so it’s not surprising that his protocol for treating MS is strikingly similar to that for treating lupus. 52,53 He recommended a dose of 1 gram calcium orotate per day for MS patients, with a higher dose given to those patients with a tendency toward migraine-like headaches.

The complete article is:


Suggestions, Comments and/or Questions are always appreciated.. - Thank you
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