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Idiot Garden Letdown, Home Appraisal, and Oldies Music For Me

Posted Jul 28 2009 12:27am

The idiot garden has been both a joy to do, and a constant reminder of my ever mounting disability. I hate that word, disability, sounds like I got hit by a train! The skinny on it is I don't have the energy to do even the simplest of tasks anymore. My peppers and eggplant are exploding, while my pickling cucumbers are winding all over the yard. They should of been on a trellis, so should the tomatoes, I have all the stuff to do it, just haven't. I can't explain it, just can't make myself go? I probably lost my tomatoes, we had a storm the other night, it looks like their weight snapped the stalks off down at the base. The wife said I should ask for help with it, but where is the fun in that, I may as well give her a grocery list.

The guy came to do the appraisal for the house refinance, he was here about 15 minutes. Now I know he has work that will be done back to the office, but that was a quick $350. I told the wife, he probably has the loan amount, just has to make sure house is worth at least that much, which it is, probably close to 3x's as much. The guy spent more time telling me about his new computer, and why he thought it was a wise move to go this route. He even managed to fit in a story about spending $250 to get his laptop wireless ready, only to find out windows 95 wasn't compatible with Verizon's gateways. Hey measurement boy, less talking, more appraising! We should find out in a few days where we stand.

When did my music become easy listening oldies? I had the radio on all weekend, one great song after another, but wasn't I a rocker once? Didn't I listen to Ozzie, Jethro, and the Stones? Sure, there was Barry, and the BeeGee's, but I was all about Boston, Kansas, and Deep Purple. Are you telling me that if 40 years pass something is considered an oldie? Geez, I could be in trouble then! I'm listening to Prince right now, OK, not heavy metal, but a real talent. Just imagine what people would think if they heard my collection of Dean Martin songs!
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