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Idiot Garden Club, Easter Guests, and Learning How Not To Do Too Much

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
I went out and tried to be productive, again. My legs are killing me, and I am exhausted, again. I need to put notes on all the doors telling me to take it easy, I can't seem to remember that. The worst part is got absolutely nothing accomplished! I was trying to cut up the old side porch with an air cut off tool, but we are talking some serious metal. It will go to the scrap yard whole!

Why do they let major league baseball players go on the field with a huge wad of chewing tobacco in their mouth? Would they have let Jim Palmer pitch with a cigar in his mouth? Seems like a strange way to do things, image and all, I mean for the kids.

We are getting ready to have my 1st idiot garden club meeting here on Saturday morning. Looks like we will have 5 or 6 people come, not too shabby for the first effort. We will make a couple of the idiot boxes, show them how to assemble them, tell them how to make the soil mix to put in them. Should be a hoot!

We are having Easter dinner here for the wife's family. we enjoy doing it, and the Mother in law has done her share. To make it better, the daughter is bringing her friend home from school, she lives too far to go home for Easter. It makes us feel good to have her come, we have met her parents a couple of times, I hope they are glad she is coming too. The girl went to her friends house and then to central park for a concert, so that's pretty cool.

Tomorrow is a new day, I need to promise myself to not do too much. I think the best way to do that is to promise myself not to go outside, God knows I don't work too much in the house!
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