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Ice Princess

Posted Jul 14 2012 10:46am
I've never been a big fan of hot weather.  Even in my younger days I hated the heat and during those menopausal years my family use to refer to my getting "foofy" whenever temperatures rose and my sense of humour diminished.  I seriously was holding out for the whole menopause thing to be over with so that I could be done with hot flashes and night sweats.... and then the day finally came... and then it went!  

My menopausal symptoms, after nearly a decade, subsided only to be replaced by another inconsiderate child with a bent towards pyromania.  I really want to relocate to somewhere really cold.  I'm thinking lots of snow, ice, frosty windows.... I'm talking really really cold!

At the moment there is a lot of blogging and MS news regarding the subject of heat and MS symptoms.  It is a well documented fact that those with multiple sclerosis find that their symptoms are exacerbated by the slightest rise in temperature and even humidity.  When I am the least bit warm the ants start biting.  Well, that's what I call it anyway.  It feels as though there are hundreds of tiny ants crawling up and down my spine biting me.  My fatigue is definitely worsened when I am warm as is my brain fog.  I'm really not a big fan.

Most people writing about the effects of heat on those with MS are doing so at this time because it is summer in the northern hemisphere and a large percentage of people living with MS live in these parts... but I live in the southern hemisphere and it's the middle of winter on my side of the world.  This may evoke questions as to why I happen to be chiming in on this subject.  The reason is simple.... it may be 3 degrees celsius at night but I'm still HOT!!!!!  Whilst all of my friends are posting comments about turning up the heat, turning on their electric blankets and throwing more logs on the fire, I have my windows open.  Not only that, but if there isn't a breeze I also have the ceiling fan on.   I don't just get hot due to a rise in temperatures outside.  My body seems to be capable of managing a rise in temperatures all by itself.  MS can cause hot flashes and flushing. Doctors believe that this effect may be caused by damage to the nerves that help regulate the body's temperature.  I can't begin to express my excitement. *she says sarcastically

This is not a new symptom of mine.  It's been going on for the past two years or so.  My GP tried to convince me that I was still going through menopause but some blood tests finally cleared that misnomer up.  I've gone searching for information about hot flashes and MS but have to be honest, the sites I found are few and far between.  Most women have been told the same thing that I was.  It's menopause!  But I did find a few brave souls out there willing to blame MS.  The clincher came when I read several posts by men with MS experiencing hot flashes.... their doctors had a hard time putting the blame on them going through menopause so the jig was finally up.... MS symptoms are not only triggered or inflamed (pun intentional) by a rise in temperature but if the forecast is calling for frost, MS will start it's own fire.  So pack me in ice and don't bother to thaw me out :P
I apologise to all of you, enduring the summer months, I know you are doing it much tougher than I am at the moment... perhaps we can all relocate... Siberia?? Greenland?? the South Pole??
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