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I Think It's Circular Thinking I'm Thinking, I Think

Posted Jan 11 2010 5:32pm

Okay, so follow this - IF YOU DARE.

I have disabling fatigue.

I can't tolerate the fatigue drugs so I drink caffeine (lots of coffee) to combat the fatigue.

Caffeine inhibits the body's ability to absorb iron from food.

I have low levels of iron and have been unable to increase levels through food, so take iron supplements.

Iron supplements cause constipation so I have increased my intake of fiber.

Increased fiber reduces the effectiveness of my thyroid medication which is needed to regulate my body's ability to do everything.

So if I take thyroid meds, I can't increase fiber which means I can't tolerate iron supplements which means I get more anemic which increases fatigue so I drink more coffee and absorb less iron and take more iron supplements and take more fiber and take more thyroid meds and get more fatigued so drink more coffee...

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