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i'm ready to friggin laugh! can i get an amen here??

Posted Sep 14 2006 12:00am

I guess it's true...apathy is just "pissed off...but no energy to do anything with it..."
Fuck!! I wanted to write something funny here today!! Gimme a do-over...

What's some of the funniest commercials you've seen lately? Maybe I'm just searching for funny shit, but I LOVE the Capital One credit card commercials that've been on lately! We went out in the backyard over at Kev's mom & dad's right after dark one night over Labor Day, and a couple of his uncles were sitting around the campfire, drinking beer, roasting marshmallows, and singing "Burn the village to the ground...doo-dah, doo-dah!" LOLOLOLOL!! Or the one where the family hops a train and the dad points to the hobos in the corner and says "Look kids! Vagabonds!" And the daughter says "What smells like old cheese?" "That's just Earl..." LOLOLOL!! Yes, everyone...I amuse easily...
Doesn't anyone besides us 'get' the band "Great White"??? I've loved them since I first heard them, they had a concert with Whitesnake in Toledo when I worked up that way, and I went out & bought the first tape of theirs I could find!! The song "Rock Me" has the sexiest guy's voice saying "c'mon & rock me..ahh, yeah" friends & I used to melt over it...and, yes, that was back in the 80' what?? Guys were guys then! Not that they aren't now, but, well, I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think women can handle 'rough boys', ya know? We really, truly totally appreciate the nice, wonderful, helpful things you do for us...but sometimes we need to do shit we can do ourselves, even if you want to help! the rant again...these songs are great too...'Mean Mistreater', 'Mista Bone', 'Unskinny Bop', and 'House Of Broken Love'.
The actual song stuck in my head morning to night lately is Kid Rock's 'Only God Knows Why'...and, of course, the line from the other one 'I'm just sittin' here, wastin' time, drinkin', smokin', tryin' to ease my mind...'.
I was telling Kev last night what Kim told me she did to her husband when he snores at night...she reaches the fuck over and pinches his nose so he can't breathe!! Kevin just looked at me sideways and said, "And how would you like to die if you ever do that? It's probly gonna hafta be in the bathtub, so I won't have to clean it up before work..." Oh, the love...
Geez...see how much of a better mood I'm in if I open a beer at 5 pm? (NOT vodka, mind you!). one a steps...
By the way, I had my very first jello shots at the 'Lazy B campout'! Jill made them all (tons of 'em!). And she is GOOD at it!! Thanks, Jill, if you're out there...remember.......they're "JILL-O SHOTS"!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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