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I'm having dizziness during my period...what should I do. Is it a hormonal imbalance?

Posted by Angela

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im having the exact same problem as you right now. also had the hangover then period the next day and ive had dizzy spells every day since. ive also been taking iron supplements in the past 3 days but it doesnt seem to have worked... im worried if theres something wrong..
I have had dizzy spells during my period before but this time i had a heavy night of drinking right before. I started my period the day after the hangover day and now ive been dizzy for more 2 days straight with absolutely nothing else wrong with me.. i havnt been able to work and drinking lots of water hasnt helped.. can the drinking be part of it or is that just cooincidental? Should i see a doctor?

Hi Angela,

Often hormone fluctuations can cause dizziness. In many cases, it can also be a lack of proper iron intake. Menstruating females benefit from a multivitamin with iron. Constipation is a concern with iron supplements, plenty of fiber and one ounce of prune juice usually does the trick to keep things moving. Be sure to stay hydrated as well, that  can contribute to dizziness.Chelated iron is the easiest to assimilate.

Be well, Jen

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