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I love good advice and I receive...

Posted Sep 29 2008 5:35pm

I love good advice and I received a terrific suggestion from several folks recently.   I was lamenting about running out of un-viewed episodes ofGeorge Lopezas a means of comedic entertainment post-injection time. Several of my Sunshine friends recommended that the hubby and I try watching the hit comedy:Two and a Half Men.    We’re hooked!

We Netflixed the entire series, beginning with Season 1 and we’re watching our way through the storyline.   For those not familiar, the premise of the show is that a single, playboy fella allows his brother and nephew to move into his lush home after the brother’s divorce.   I’m not only newly addicted to the show, but also to its theme song: “Men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men…Woohoohoo.”

The show not only has brought belly laughter into our household, it also has brought reality through the sliding glass door as well.   The reality is that I may actually be a man.   OK, not genetically or physiologically, but the hubby has announced to the world that Jon Cryer’s character is really, truly his Sunshine incarnate.

The realization hit home during the episode where Charlie (played by hunky, hot Charlie Sheen) and Alan (played by the not-so-hunky, but cute) Jon Cryer are in line ordering snacks before a movie.   Alan was going through a litany of plans for securing the best seat in the house, how the popcorn popper should layer his butter, and how they would coordinate bathroom breaks so no one lost their seats or missed a minute of the movie.   The hubby paused the show and said, “My goodness, Sunshine, that is YOU!”  I replied tersely with, “No it isn’t!”  Then the hubby launched into his own description of movie-time with Sunshine and I continued with, “That can’t be me!”  He replied, “Why?” My response: “Because that is irritating as hell!”   Apparently I’m irritating and I don’t even know it (until now anyway)!

We’ve determined that the hubby is definitely Charlie – Type B, laid back, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants boy, loves expensive things, and of course loves women (it’s a good thing he’s still not single)!   And, we’ve determined that I’m Alan – Type A off the charts, neurotic, a little obsessive, anal, and in deep need of spontaneity and massive relaxation therapy.  

Now that the realization is out there, every, single episode hits home with me relating more and more to Alan the Chiropractor, and of course, with hubby pointing fingers across the family room, towards me, the entire time.   So, to all my Sunshine friends who recommended we expose ourselves to this epic show, thanks a heck of a lot!


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