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I have very painful random stabbing pain in hands and feet and muscle spasms in my leg almost every day.

Posted by crice

My doctor has asked me to write down when I have the pain and it seems very random and not stress induced.  I have a healthy diet, exercise daily, and do yoga.  Please let me know what you think... 
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That sounds like what I have. It's called CMT disorder.  It's nerve damage. There are several types of neuopathy like this, but I get stabbing pains all over. I once tried writing down every time i got one, I think I got to about 115 within an hour.  Very very depressing. I also tried putting an X in blue ink everywhere i got them through out the day.  I'd google CMT, or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, if I were you. Finding out I had this non fatal or life-shortening condition made me feel a lot less insane.

:) Hope that helps!

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