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I have a pos. babinski sign right side. signs of UMN and fasciculation -LMN- also i have ptosis..Myesthenia gravis?

Posted by benginther9

I have a pos. babinski sign right side.
(signs of upper motor lesion.)
and fasciculation -lower motor signs-- all of them focused in my right leg.

Also I have a ptosis getting more dramatic everday-(also right side)

The ptosis-and all the other motor movement problems would point to Myesthenia Gravis, yet pos. babinski sign says i dont have MG.

Im alittle scared out here-

could this be a cervical spondylosis myelopathy? Id love to think surgery could help me.

I do also have pos Lhumette sign also right side!-periodically my whole life.

I have been tested -full spinal MRI and Lumbar puunture and blood panels.

No infections no pathogens no inflammation

 no HTLV lack of B12  HIV or syphyllis.

and My brain MRI is unremarkable.

what do you think.?


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