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How an Animal Can Affect Your Life Forever

Posted Jan 06 2011 2:36pm

To My Baby "SHEBA"
I, not long after having a baby and getting married, had the desire to have a dog. I am an impulse person... Need I say more?In 1992 we saw an add in the paper just saying that a farmer's dog had puppies and was selling them for $50.00. We drove out there to see the puppies. All I knew was that the Mom was a Golden Retriever and Dad was a Labrador Retriever. Mom had a big liter and I think there were 3 left. 2 really playful and out going and cute and so tiny and 1 that looked to be about 4 or 5 months old. Come to find out she was the biggest of the liter and nobody would take her because she was so big.

So, that is who I focused my eyes on and chose to take home. She was big and fluffy haired and dark black. She was my baby... She was there for me for 14 years. Through 3 houses, 2 more babies born, my sick son's, when I was tired, sick, alone in the house, etc... She grew over the years and ended up being 110 pounds and the height of a kitchen table. My daughter would ride on her back when they were both younger. The Vet had told me that Sheba is so big but reminded me of the fact that she probably would not expect more than 8 or 9 years. Apparently the size of a dog matters on life.

In 2006, I became sick. I was so busy with life and my new job as a Realtor that I didn't take the time to go see a Doctor. As the year went on, I became sicker and more symptoms. Sleeping 18-20 hours, struggling to walk, in so much pain. Sheba would spend all day and night by my side. The Arthritis in Sheba had gotten so bad that she could no longer go up the stairs to my room. In late 2007 after being Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia, I had an MS exacerbation. I was stuck on the couch bed down stairs for a little over a month. Sheba was in heaven. She slept next to me every night. I finally started feeling better and decided it was time to go back upstairs to my bedroom.

There, was a really bad storm that night. The very first night back in my bedroom. Sheba was always terrified of storms. It never dawned on me, all I could think of was sleeping in my comfy bed. All Sheba could think of was sleeping next to me. Sheba climbed the 13 stairs and lost her balance.she fell all the way down. I went running to her, and saw that she was not able to walk. I think she broke her hip. Anyways, I wasn't strong enough to move her so we made a bed right at the bottom of the stairs. I stayed with her, crying and apologizing to her. I had gotten up a few times and she would try to follow. I would lay back down with her... thinking.

I had asked my, at the time, best and longest friend, "How will I know when it is Sheba's time? What are the chances she will just fall asleep and never wake up? She always said... Tara, you will know when the time comes. I prayed all night that she would just go to sleep. I looked her in the eyes, and she put her paw on my leg and I could see it in her eyes. It was time. We took her to the vet and.....

My baby "Sheba" and I laid together. Her head in my hands and our noses touching as she fell asleep. As sad as this day, month, year, 4 years has been. I made a promise to her when that Vet told me years earlier.. "Sheba, you have stood by me every moment and been there for me when I have needed you. I will do the same for you. I miss Sheba terribly, but deep inside, I kept my promise to her as Dogs tend to promise their owners from day one.

R.I.P. Sheba 08/07
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