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Hospital visits

Posted Feb 15 2008 12:00am
Amy and I went back to the hospital Wednesday and Thursday to visit with Patricia and hold the little guy. She lit up when she saw us, which was nice. She had been taking notes for us, so when the doctors came around to report on his progress, she's notate everything so that she could pass the news along to us. I thought that was really nice!

It really struck me that Patricia had no one. She came to the hospital alone and would leave alone without her baby. Her strength was unfathomable to me, and my respect for her is immense. She has a great attitude toward the whole situation, affirming our role as "Mom and Dad" and referring to herself as "Mommy #2".

At one point, Yvonne (Josiah's birth father) showed up to see the baby. We were all surprised to see him, but it was great to meet him and see the resemblance. I have this great picture of him holding Josiah, looking at him for the first time. His head is cocked to the side as if amazed by the similarity. He's not as excited about the adoption plan, but he's willing to move forward because he knows it's in the best interest of everyone involved.

At one point, Patricia went out for a cigarette and came back with bags full of presents! She had bought us balloons, a teddy bear, chocolate cigars, a wall hanging, basketball, and a tree ornament for Amy. We were blown away by her generosity! We insisted that she didn't need to give us anything (in fact, she was giving us more than we could ever imagine!) But she wanted us to have the whole birth experience, complete with gifts. What an amazing woman!
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