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Home Steroid Infusion, Those Poor Pro Athletes, and Coming to Grips With Disability

Posted Sep 08 2009 10:43pm

Sporting my Rocky Horror Picture Show look. 3rd day of my in home infusion, things are looking up, I just hope they last. My right hand is alive again, I can do more than just smack the kids with it! Had to miss the sister's 50th birthday party, would have liked to have been there for the old girl, but this had to be done. My eyes are better, the right one is still a bit off, hoping to have more improvement there. Wonder if I can do this every weekend? It's the only time I seem to feel good, or at least at a manageable level.

The boy is doing his senior year in a work study sort of setting. He gets off school at 11:15, comes home, eats, and is off to work the bowling alley. He actually hooked me up today to the IV, and made me lunch before sliding out! We ate watching TV, with him that means ESPN. I think pro athletes should learn when to keep their mouths shut. They talk about the sacrifices they have to make for family, and spending more time with fellow players then family members, brakes my heart. That few months on the road is hard, no doubt, but no harder then sitting in a parking lot all night long watching construction equipment on a part time job. I think they made more then I did at the state fair working that part timer too. I need my life to be as tough as that, just for a little while.

Been rather down in the dumps for a while, bunch of things all at once. The girl a semester off from school, needed to reconnoiter, or just take a break, caught me off guard. I'm having a tough time dealing with my mounting disability, all these hand problems have thrown me off my game. I always expected the legs to go, I guess I tried to ignore the hands were involved too. Thank God for humor, my friends, and my family! The friends got together and closed my buddy Slammer's pool, he just had surgery and wasn't able to do it, great bunch. The wife and kids are great, couldn't ask for better, and you find humor in places you wouldn't think to look. The wife was flushing the IV line with saline yesterday. Getting the air out of the syringe, she pushed too hard, sending a rocket stream up to the ceiling, ricocheting off and hitting me right in my bald spot! Still laughing about that one.
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