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Holly Kay Hoopingarner 10-13-66 to 5-26-86 ~ Repost

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:38pm

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Holly Kay Hoopingarner 10-13-66 to 5-26-86

There was a dream of peace that use to dance upon my eyes...softly and forever capturing the essence of who I am. I remember long girl talks about the power of reason, the truth of freedom and the way to eat strawberries. I remember you my friend yet today as if you only just waltzed threw the door. For certainly you have not been dead almost 20 years, not when your heart beats still in my soul.

I miss you. A lot.


mercy covers my eyes

gritty with the sand of

hastily built castles

the ones with fabulous

motes and towers

but it is grace

that brings the waves

close enough to feel

and memory that warms

the ocean's very edge


And for some, going home habors no joy. Simple regret and heavy hearted mourning for sure....but not joy.

I seem to have lost my way home perhaps because they sold it or perhaps because the joy of it existed only in my soul. The light of youth still flickers in that mirror of life....the lines on my face deceive even me.

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