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Hi, I am a 33 yo mum of 2 - both from a C-Section. Have been told I have depression... this is NOT the case.

Posted by melissa2010

My Symptoms are:  Severe headache, fatigue, tremors to my head, left hand and foot only, Dihorea, nausea, lack of concentration, pins & needles in feet, eye pain.  Had recent CT & MR scan... results were 'normal'.  Have seen MS suffers that show very similar symptoms. was disgnosed with Sciatic Nerve issue some years ago and still have bad back pain.  I am about to visit a Natrapathic Chiropractor for a Back adjustment as well as his input on my symptoms. I Just need answers rather that popping a pill for 'misdiagnosed' Depression.  Please help me.  Melissa.
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