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Help with the reading of my MRI!!!!

Posted Jan 22 2010 2:42pm

Doctors have me spinning!  My MRI reads:  There are areas of nonspecific deep & subcortical white matter seen in both cerebral hemispheres as areas of FLAIR hypertintensity.  The impression:  Scarttered small nonspecific of nonenhancing deep white matter signal alteration are seein the the hemispheres with differential diagnosis to include Migraine headaches (don't get those at all), Small vessel disease (doctor ruled that out), Gliosis from previous trauma (what does that mean?) and demyelinating disease.

 Can anyone help me with this reading?  Should I be concerned about MS?  My doctor mentioned it and I had an EEG (don't know the results yet) and my Neurologist has me waiting 4 weeks to go over my tests!!  I am so frustrated and worried.  In the past 8 months I have gone down hill fast, lost my job because somehow I seemed to forget how to do a lot of my job!  How does someone do that?  Forget how to do what they've been doing for so long?  My short term memory is gone, I trip and walk into walls, I use to type 80 wpm and now I'm lucky if I were to score 30 wpm!  I have muscle weakness and I am tired almost all the time!  Please, someone, anyone, please share your experiences with me and let me know if anyone else has or is going through any of this.  Someone who could explain my MRI would be FANTASTIC!

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