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HDL Cholesterol linked to disability in Multiple Sclerosis

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:20pm
Information provided by Art, of the Accelerated MS Cure Project

1. HDL Cholesterol linked to disability in MS Published Story by art

Researchers found [131] that people with MS with greater disability (assessed using the physician-reported Expanded Disability Severity Score, EDSS) were more likely to have low HDL blood levels, while those with less disability had higher HDL levels demonstrating a significant association between HDL level and disability.

The article implies that the link is causal in the direction of "higher HDL" => "lower disability", but does not discuss the possiblity that more active, less disabled people might have lower higher HDL because they are more able to exercise and eat right. Never=the-less, it is something that should be looked at.


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