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HCG Diet

Posted May 11 2010 12:00am 1 Comment
I was scrolling thru this blog and noticed that adsense had put an advertisement on my blog about the HCG Diet. I thought that was so ironic because I just discussed that very diet with a co-worker last week. She started the diet in early March and has already lost 32 pounds!
She explained the HCG diet to me and it seemed easy enough. I text my hsband about it in excitement and he told me to go for it and try it out.
I later thought there are so many fad diets out there, the HCG diet indicates that you will drop 1-2 pounds a day and I believe it looking at my co-worker. With all of that being said, I decided to check her out for a while because she said she will be on the maintenance stage in a couple of weeks. I want to see if she'll be able to maintain after being off of the HCG diet or if she will eventually gain her weight back. I'll make my decision about the HCG diet after I see her complete experience!
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I am a practitioner and have taken care of several folks on the hCG diet, the results are actually amazing, but they don't stop there, one must adhere to lifestyle changes and other supplements to keep the weight off for good.  I was so impressed I decided to do it myself to shed the 15lbs I gain over the past 5 years.

JP Saleeby, MD

WellnessONE of Myrtle Beach, SC 

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