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Happy Easter, and Weak Legs and Balance

Posted Apr 04 2010 12:00am
Had a great Easter, went to the wife's sisters, good eats, good company. The boy went to the PBA finals, he had worked them all week, he's a good kid, he deserved to go. Had a lovely time with the in laws, but then always do. The girl sat next to me and held my hand, good day. Not much of a church person, but went down and spent some time with a neighbor,lost his wife this past fall, and today would have been Miss Pat's birthday too. Sat about an hour or so, he showed me his Karaoke machine, sang a few to me. I'm going with him to Chick filet, he's got a gig up there on Thursday morning.

My balance is really off, not sure why? Could be the Valium the Percocet, but I'm not taking much of that. My legs are really feeling weak, strange the way it is, never had this before. I think the balance is related to weakness, curious if it would help to up the Prednisone to 15 or 20 mg? It may all be a guessing game from this point, but I've always loved games, so bring it on!
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