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Handicapped Hanging Tags And Driving

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:39am
I don't know about other parts of the world, but here in my part, Baltimore, you can get a handicapped tag if you're wind burned! That must be the case, because I think everyone has one. If you are over 55 you can get one by asking your family doctor. Do you ever watch people jockey for position with the handicapped spaces. It's like a badge of honor to park in one. I've seen people wait for one to open up when there are un-handicapped spots all over the place!

I have had one for a while. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 20 years ago, and have had problems for at least 25. I wanted to get the one that hangs on the rear view mirror for a few reasons. First, it transfers to any car you are driving in. Second, you don't drive down the road with everyone saying, "look, he's handicapped!" My pals like me to drive with them, as long as I have my tag! Some things that drive me crazy, and yes there are a few, don't drive with it hanging on the mirror! It says so right on the tag. That's great to see someone all over the road as they try to look around the tag and their dog!

There is nothing better then coming across a vocal senior citizen who decides you don't have a right to be handicapped. Why do you have a tag, or there is nothing wrong with you, and those spots are for the elderly are among my favs. Ah old people, ya gotta love em! Actually, I don't have to love old people. I have always prided myself in being a respectful person, in particular with people older than myself. I do however draw a line in the sand. Don't push me, and don't impose your views on me without exception. I'm sure people see a 6'5" man with his hair in a ponytail and 300 pounds and don't automatically think, that's too bad, he's too young for that. I'm a good looking guy too, just ask my mother!

There needs to be a little tighter hold on these types of tags. I think if you have one, you should have to pass a mini driving test every year. Watch the people who have them for easy parking turn them back in! I've seen people trying to get out of their cars that should not be driving that 2 ton weapon around my kids. We have a guy that is so fat, I have seen him fall asleep half way into the store because he is exhausted from getting out of his truck, which may, or may not be parked out of the road. I know there is a time when driving will not be my thing, I just wish others did as well. Just leave me alone when I try to enjoy the driving time I have left!
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