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Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:18pm

Yesterday was a special day in my newly changed life. Not special as in fun or exciting. Yesterday marked the three month anniversary of the day my life changed drastically. Waking up with numbness that within 36 hours spread through the entire right side of my body. I remember the dualing emotions I had when my doctor told me to get right to the emergency room in case I was having a stroke. Part of me was scared to death. How could I, at 36 years old, be having a stroke. The other emotion was a "whatever" on my part. I pretty much knew I wasn't having a stroke. I was just numb!

So, being that it's my anniversary, I decided to put down the symptoms I am still having, along with a couple of new ones, because here in this blog, is where i keep track.

Still having:
  • Numb and tingling right arm and hand;
  • Numb and tingling part of my left hand and part of my left arm (ulnar nerve);
  • Buzzing and vibrating throughout legs and arms, but not constant anymore except for in one area of my left leg;
  • Shocks throughout entire body when moving my head downwards towards my chest;
  • Numbness in both feet when first getting up in the morning;
  • Shooting pains in both knees, both elbows, not constant;
  • Depression;
  • Severe Exhaustion

Newer Symptoms with the past couple of weeks:

  • Lower back pain, not constant;
  • Vibrations in my vagina, both during and after sex. The strength of the vibration varies with the intensity of the activity. B does not feel it, but it is very odd. Like someone put a vibrator in there and turned it on. The sensation last for several hours after.

At first I was nervous about the vibrations. Were we causing problems, does this mean no more love making? Finally, we just decided that it is yet another thing to live with, and we can now actually laugh about it.

Ah, life. And the things it throws at us!!

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