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Giving blood

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:45pm
I hate giving blood because my veins are so tiny. Whenever I have to give blood, I get poked 4-6 times before they finally find a good vein.
I had to give blood yesterday because I give it every three months. I dreaded going in because of what I usually go thru.
When I entered the office, there were only a couple of people in there (the room is usually full). When they called me in, they called another woman in also. We were in the same room and I was going to get my blood taken first. I said, "you might want to take her blood first because I have small veins." The woman said,"I have small veins too!" The technician proceeded to try working with me first. She felt my arm for a long time and she finally felt a vein that she wanted to try. She stuck the needle in and got the blood the first try! I was too happy and I asked her what her name was because I'll ask for her everytime I go from here on out. She said her name is Jackie....Jackie is my new found friend!
I have to give blood every three months because of the medication I take (Rebif). It's necessary to get my blood taken every three months because my white blood cell count and liver function needs to be closely monitored.
Rebif can cause a decrease in the numbers of white blood cells and is also known for liver damage. In regards to liver damage, the danger signs I should look for are if I bruise easily or if my skin and/or the whites of my eyes begin to yellow. So far, so good and needless to say I'll keep going to give blood....I'll just ask for Jackie!
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