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Getting Magnesium on a Vegetarian Diet | Natural Holistic Health Blog

Posted Sep 02 2009 7:55pm 3 Comments
You all know I have been talking about Magnesium and the benefits of using it. Here is an article I found that talks about it. I decided since I really don't have much to blog about today I would blog Articles that either I find interesting or based on things I have blogged about in the past. I hope this is helpful to at least some people

Getting Magnesium on a Vegetarian Diet | Natural Holistic Health Blog
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Magnesium, together with Zinc, Iodine and Vitamin D3, is one of the most popular deficiencies in the Western world. When you consider that magnesium is responsible for more than 300 different enzymes in the body, its no surprise how much of a difference it makes when the deficiency is corrected. I would recommend 400mg magnesium/day for most of my clients.

Regards, Marek - London Nutritionist / Personal Trainer

Sorry here is the link to the Magnesium Optimizer -
I am a vegetarian and I take a magnesium supplement by Jarrow Formulas called Magnesium Optimizer. It is a wonderful easily dissolvable tablet. www.VitaminLab.Net has the best prices on Jarrow products which mix well with my bodies chemistry. Magnesium has changed my life.

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