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Frog Eggs.....and Deer Poop

Posted Apr 26 2009 12:24am
Today the Wookie and I went for a few short jaunts. Neither of us had the energy for one big hike. The first pic is of one of the neighbourhood "gate hinges" as I like to call hem. Blue Jays are one of the noisiest of birds and sound like gate hinges to me. My father says they sound like a laundry line pulley.

We came across a couple pf wet spots in the woods and upon closer examination discovered clutches of frogs' eggs.

In the same wet spot another species of frogs' eggs. I think there are 4 or 5 different species of frog in Nova scotia and they all live fairly well together; bullfrogs, leopard spotted, green frogs, peepers, they all share the land and water.

The flying insects were out in great numbers today; I came across a few different beetles, flies, and bees. And the spiders were scurrying like mad. Except for this one. I suspect it's a species of crab spider; small but brave it will put up it's first two pairs of legs in a defensive motion (or maybe it's offensive). And what would a hike in the woods be without the obligatory shot of deer poop for Braincheese?

Tomorrow we'll be helping to clean out the fish ladder at Heffler's Mill on the Sackville River. I hope to return with a few more caddisflies to put in the aquarium. And pictures!

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