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Friday, November 12, 2004 Happy ...

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:39pm

Friday, November 12, 2004
Happy birthday a week early!!
Worthy repeat........I love my grandma.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003 G-ma Silly

This lady is my Grandmother. And she is a grand, grand lady indeed. Wednesday is her 73rd birthday-without her many people wouldn't be who they are now. She is not a quaint little woman who stands by and lets life happen to her: she is a doer and seer. She has been to many corners of our world and lived in many countries: she was in Tehran when the hostages were taken, she lived in Saudi before the 1st Gulf war and lived in Madrid. Once on a trip to Africa she ran into an old friend in the back streets of an obscure little township. She is MO Jo. Currently she's planning a trip from Florida to Old Mexico just because she can. She claims to still dance a pretty mean jitter bug and then giggles madly, like a school girl, because she doesn't think I KNOW what a jitter bug is. This woman is not sitting quietly awaiting the darkness of old age but rather running amuck in our streets, making many unplanned stops along the way. She does not tootle tea or grow roses (unless 8 children can be counted as a garden.) She tells stories that curl your started with "people are born gay, I know 'cuz I tried to change this one guy's mind." ~she'll hate me for telling that one. But she'll forgive me. I call her G-ma out of respect; it's the same respect I have for the FBI or CIA, they are always there and ready. I DO NOT EVER call her Granny, she's not the type.

Happy birthday G-ma! You go girl!

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Happy B`Day, G`Ma!!!!
Comment from deabvt - 11/23/04 8:38 AM

LOL! she's got spunk that's for sure. :)
G-ma's are very special. : )
Comment from babyshark28 - 11/17/04 8:58 AM

Happy Birthday Gramma! What a lovely lady! :-)

Comment from cneinhorn - 11/13/04 7:05 AM

I hope we all can look forward to the "twilight years" your grandmother is enjoying. Happy Birthday indeed! Lisa :-]
Comment from mlraminiak - 11/13/04 6:06 AM

What a great entry. I love your G-Ma. Quite a spirit!!!!
Comment from bookncoffee - 11/13/04 5:17 AM

Happy Birthday to your G-ma........ She sounds like a spunky woman.......
Somewhat like my Grandma.....LuAnne
Comment from thebaabee - 11/13/04 3:14 AM

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Mexico!
Keep dancing like no one is watching and know that you are well loved.
If by chance you can read this, call me...your phone does work in
San Filipe, it simply needs to be reconfigured. Love, Tamara

Chistina, this is a beautiful tribute to your G-Maw... Thank you
for loving her so much... Love you, Mom
Comment from tsgerkin - 11/13/04 12:19 AM

happy birthday g-ma! God Bless! sara
Comment from ceschorr - 11/12/04 3:10 PM

Happy Birthday to your G-ma! : ) She sounds like a lot of fun and very special.

Comment from readmereadyou - 11/12/04 2:58 PM

WooHoo!!!!!! Happy Birthday to your Grandma!!!!!!
Thanks for visiting my journal!

Comment from sasonalmah - 11/12/04 1:01 PM

Gosh, what great memories. I loved my Nanny too but she was NOT
your kind of Grandmother. She was 'tea cakes' and 'comfort food' and
a 'lap' when tired kind of Grandmother. Unforturely, she loved her
grandchildren more than her daughter so my Mama didn't have very
good memories but all of us did.
And since I am SOOOOOOOOO much older than you, she would have
been 100 on Thanksgiving if she was still alive:)
Comment from dallas0406 - 11/12/04 1:01 PM

She sounds like a marvelous lady and what a tribute you have here for her.
Happy B-Day, G-ma (I'll be silly with you). I wish she'd write a Journal...
sounds like she could share a lot of interesting stuff! Or, perhaps you could
write one for her and share some of her stories. Blessings to you and
Comment from gbgoglo - 11/12/04 12:54 PM

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