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Friday...a HUGE snow weekend is on the way!

Posted Mar 07 2008 12:00am

EEeeeeeeeewwwwww! Ever seen the movie "Arachniphobia"?

No words are even needed for this picture...

This weekend here in Ohio we're supposed to get shit-tons of snow!! I'm actually a little bit excited about it, cuz, no matter what everyone says, I don't think we've gotten much REAL snow this year! Not like snow you could go sledding on, or anything, anyway. Or build a snowman in...or throw endless amounts of snowballs...Or build a fort to hide behind to ambush people...
However, we are supposed to get about 12 to 18 inches of snow here in central Ohio! More up toward Cleveland! Supposed to start snowing tomorrow morning, and keep going til Saturday afternoon!! Yippee! Okay...I'll shuttup...
I'm really looking forward to daylight saving time starting this Saturday night/Sunday morning. I love the extra hour of light!!
This morning, Bro picked me up at 9, so we could meet up with G at the lawyer's office. It went good...Mom & Dad left excellent records about where everything was...they were such special people...they were truly the last of a very special generation! And that does nothing but make me determined to do the same for Tif! The only problem I'd have is, well, I might not have a damn thing to leave...well...maybe a bag of Twizzlers and a roll of quarters, does that count?
It was good at the lawyer's office today, mostly because Bro rides motorcycles with him...they're both total riding freaks! Recently I know Bro's ridden down to southern Ohio, the hills down there, and California, Arizona, North Carolina, and all the states around it! They were talking about how the older they get, the less they want one of those motorcycles that you have to lean way forward to grab the handlebars! And they were both extolling the virtues of 'inversion tables''! Holy crap! Isn't Bro still 29, like I always remember him? Well, I guess not...the lawyer said that I was supposed to have a trust until I was 25...both my nice older brothers started laughing uproariously at that...while I sat there with a big ol' pout on my face, and asked the lawyer "And what's so FUNNY, huh??"...
Bro & G are both color-blind, and they were talking about how when the were little, they used to color the grass brown, and the dog green! I just said maybe that was a birth being BOYS is!! lol!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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